We focus on the most important cleaning areas in your home first.

Our checklist is used as a GUIDELINE for cleaning your home. The overall CONDITION of your home determines how much our cleaner will be able to complete. We first focus on areas of your home that require the most attention (example: kitchen and/or bathroom).

For our NEW customers, we start you off with our Introductory Cleaning (Deep Cleaning). This cleaning is time-based, however, it allows our cleaners to give you more of an extensive Housemaid Cleaners cleaning experience.

Your cleaning can also be customized to fit your specific cleaning needs. If you have any questions about our services or booking an appointment, please give us a call at (1) 2345678990 or email us at [email protected]

Sweep and mop floors
Clean cobwebs and dust shelves
Clean mirrors and glass
Clean base baseboards
Dust blinds. If blinds have a lot of build up, they may require a Wet Wipe (which is not included in a Intro Cleaning)
Wet wipe blinds (does not include "1" vinyl blinds)
Clean inside drawers
Sweep and mop floors
Gather dirty dishes and load in dishwasher
Clean inside sink
Clean outside of refrigerator
Dust blinds
Clean inside stove
Wet wipe doors and frames
Sweep, vacuum and mop floors
Make up bed (for bedrooms)
Clean cobwebs
Dust blinds
Cleaning baseboards
Clean exterior of washer and dryer
Wet wipe blinds (does not include 1" vinyl blinds)